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March 9th, 1980

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Lav-Lav, Lavie


Head of Magical Games and Sports

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Family members

Harrison Brown(Father)
Rebecca Brown(Mother)
Seamus Finnigan(Husband)
Roxy Finnigan(Daughter)

Magical characteristics

Laughter at her scars


10 inch, Oak, Unicorn Hair


Praying Mantis


Ministry Worker




Job, Family, and Hogwarts

Lavender Brown Finnigan (b. March 9th, 1980) is the current Head of Department of Magical Games and Sports for the Ministry. She is a forty-two year old mother with three children and the wife of Seamus Finnigan.


Family LineageEdit

Rebecca and Harrison lived like normal Hogwarts students during their school years. Rebecca studied nonstop trying to get very good OWL’s and NEWT’s while Harrison enjoyed his years goofing off and having fun. Harrison loved Quidditch so it was no question that he played on his house team from his third year on. Sure he was only a reserve player, but he was a very good beater. The future couple didn’t actually meet until Harrison’s final year where he found himself in the school’s library very often that year. Rebecca had started helping him around the library since she knew where almost every book was in the library and as they talked and studied together a spark ignited and the two decided as soon as Rebecca graduated they would marry.

Two years later the two got married and lived very happily for about a few months. Harrison then got a job as a professional Quidditch player for the Appleby arrows which unfortunately had him coming and going from work and home very frequently. About a year later when Rebecca got pregnant, Harrison was asked to leave his wife and future child to play for the Caerphilly Catapults. Harrison didn’t want to go and leave his children at first, but when his wife gave him her consent to play for the other team he became very grateful that she could still be his wife even when they were so far apart. Harrison loved his wife so even though he was off almost in another world he told Rebecca he would think of her every day. The couple said their parting words as Harrison left to join the Caerphilly Catapults leaving Rebecca to care for her child alone.

Birth and ChildhoodEdit

A few months later Rebecca gave birth to a beautiful baby girl whom she named Lavender, since that was the flower Rebecca had first smelt as a child. Lavender was a very exuberant child with a smile always on her face showing the love she had for her mother. As a baby Lavender didn’t see her father very often and the few times she did see him it was in the fireplace where his head was sticking out of. Lavender wasn’t allowed near the fire though since Rebecca feared her daughter of getting burned by the flames. As Lavender grew older Rebecca started teaching her about the wizarding world and the skills Lavender might learn when she gets accepted to Hogwarts. Rebecca had no knowledge if her daughter would even become a witch, she just taught Lavender everything she could especially arithmancy. Lavender never showed any interest in arithmancy as a child and as she grew older she disliked it even more, but she still followed her mother’s instruction just to make her happy.

First Signs of MagicEdit

Around the age of eight was when Lavender started to be able to perform magic when she got mad at her mother forcing her to read another arithmancy book. Lavender launched the book her mother gave to her across the room without even touching the book. After this little incident Rebecca stopped forcing Lavender to study and started teaching Lavender more about the wizarding world. Lavender learned many things as a child and every now and then her mother even took her to places like Diagon alley where Lavender stood in awe at the many interesting things around her. Lavender grew older and around her eleventh birthday she received a letter by owl from Hogwarts stating she was to attend the school starting the next term. Rebecca was very proud of her daughter to be accepted, but she didn’t expect her not to go. A few months went by and Lavender left for Hogwarts where she traveled by train to the school where she could learn to control her magic.

Education at HogwartsEdit

Lavender arrived at Hogwarts with some knowledge of what to expect, but the thing that she was uncertain about was which house she was going to be sorted into. Her mother had told her how they would be going about their sorting and it seemed very simple, but the idea of which house she would get sorted into made her feel uncertain. Lavender was one of the first few to get called up to be sorted and she felt rather nervous walking up to the tiny stool that stood in front of the whole school. Lavender sat down on the stool with her mind full of thoughts, wondering which house she was going to be sorted into. When the sorting hat was finally placed on her head the students in the great hall became rather quiet. Lavender was getting very nervous now as she looked out at her fellow classmates wondering who she would get to know and who she would see more often. After a few minutes of silent torture the sorting hat yelled out the words Gryffindor. Lavender felt slightly sad she didn’t make it into her mother’s house, but she was somewhat happy to see the faces of her house mates who cheered her on with thunderous applause. Many other first years were sorted into their respective houses, some of which would end up being her friends in later years, the most well-known first year was a boy by the name of Harry Potter and much like most people Lavender was on the edge of her seat waiting to hear what house he would be sorted into. As the sorting hat shouted the words of Gryffindor, Lavender and the rest of her house yelled and screamed a thunder of sound that echoed in the great hall. Lavender was now sharing the same house as the boy who lived and she couldn’t wait to tell her mother.

After the feast and many announcements from the headmaster they were all sent to their houses where they would spend the most of their lives. Lavender was rather excited to see who she would be sharing her dorm with and it didn’t take long before she found one she could call her best friend. The girl was called Parvati and even though she looked completely different than the people Lavender normally saw the two got along very well. Lavender did have a slight dislike for one of the girls in her dorm that seemed like a bore. The girl was Hermione Granger who had a similar personality as Lavender’s mother, she couldn’t stand her though and she couldn’t explain why. The rest of the year was devoted to learning, meeting new people, and adapting to the new lifestyle around Hogwarts and Lavender, like so many others, enjoyed every minute of it.

The next year at Hogwarts was filled with emotions for Lavender with the arrival of Gilderoy Lockhart as their new Defense against the dark arts teacher both Lavender and Parvati were rather excited to be students under his wing. Lavender was like a little kid in a candy shop whenever class started and she acting like her mother when she was in school who enjoyed going to classes every day. As the year went on though Lavender noticed that he wasn’t the best teacher they had for Defense against the dark arts and wished they had a different teacher. Then when students started to become attacked and the rumors began that Harry Potter was the heir of Slytherin, Lavender tried helping out muggleborns and halfbloods alike so they wouldn’t get harmed. With the help of a few Hufflepuffs such as Hannah Abbott she was able to convince Justin to go into hiding in the Hufflepuff common room where she knew Harry had no access to. Lavender became depressed somewhat when Parvati’s parents took her and her sister from Hogwarts for safety reasons, she missed her best friend and when Parvati returned the smile that was erased from lavender’s face returned and for an added bonus Professor Lockhart lost his memory and was forced to stop teaching the students which hopefully would cause Dumbledore to hire a better professor next year.

Lavender’s third year was a very tense year since she now had taken up two new classes to be added on to her schedule. Care of Magical creatures wasn’t a very bad class, but it was certainly dangerous Lavender still can’t believe he brought in a hippogriff for their first class and someone got hurt, even though she was smiling slightly when Draco was in pain, she was hoping they would be learning about more gentle creatures such as horses or rabbits. When she started Divination though Lavender had a much better appreciation for it, she enjoyed how mystical sounding Trelawney sounded and even though she predicted Harry’s death Lavender still adored her. Of course Lavender got her own prediction which at the time didn’t make sense, she didn’t know exactly what she was dreading would end up happening later in the year so she blew that prediction off to listen to the woes of other students. The constant fear of Sirius Black appearing on school ground frightened Lavender, but it wasn’t until her pet rabbit Binky got eaten by a fox did she feel even more vulnerable. Like many other students Lavender’s parents wanted to pull their child from school hoping to avoid being harmed by Black. Eventually there was a rumor that Black had been caught only to have escaped later, and although Lavender was still in danger being in the school her mother felt it was a better place to be then at home where they could be targeted a lot easier.

Lavender’s fourth year began with a bang as Dumbledore announced that Hogwarts would be hosting the Triwizard tournament. Lavender like many other students wanted to be a part of it, but Dumbledore put up an age line so that no underage students could enter the tourney. Lavender then became a cheerleader for any student from their house who put their name in the goblet who was of age and when the champions were announced she was overcome with joy and shock. Lavender like many students was happy that someone from their house became a champion, but was shocked to see someone who was underage get picked by the goblet and that a fourth champion was picked when Dumbledore stated that only three champions would be participating in the tourney. Lavender was not the closest to Harry so she had a somewhat difficult time cheering for him during the first task, but she did get into the task as he started flying around on his firebolt to get the golden dragon egg.

This year was also the year Lavender started becoming flirty with the boys and she ended up attending the Yule Ball with fellow Gryffindor Seamus Finnigan. Lavender enjoyed herself at the Yule Ball and she dated Seamus for a few months after that, but they eventually broke up for reasons she doesn’t talk about. Lavender stopped being one of Harry’s supporters when Parvati told her that Harry ignored her during the ball which Lavender couldn’t forgive until either Parvati did or Harry apologized. As the Triwizard tourney came to a close with Harry and Cedric appearing in the front of the maze with the cup like many others she clapped with happiness, but her applause died very quickly as whispers flew around the stands saying that Cedric was dead. Lavender was in shock and her first thought was that Harry had killed him after all he did defeat Voldemort so what’s stopping him from killing anyone else? Lavender was in fear once again as she waited for rumors to fly around again hopefully one that would say the truth, but no rumor came to her ear. When the final feast came and Dumbledore announced the return of Voldemort Lavender was a bit skeptical and every now and then she stared at Harry with questions popping in her mind for him, but she never got to answer them as she headed off to her home on the Hogwarts Express.

When Lavender entered her fifth year at Hogwarts she knew it was going to be horrible as soon as she had her first lesson with their new Defense against the dark arts professor, Delores Umbridge, who was not only stern, but rather annoying. Lavender complained to her friends how they weren’t learning any magic and how she wished she could do something about it, but someone was way ahead of her as she got rumor that Harry was going to end up teaching a secret Defense against the dark arts class under Umbridge’s nose. Of course it took Lavender a few weeks to get over the fact Harry could be lying, but since he was going to teach them something instead of forcing them to only learn the theory she decided to trust him. Lavender went to the meeting at the Hogs Head where like many others she signed the little parchment with the words Dumbledore’s Army written at the top. Lavender was eager to learn once again and she had to admit even though Harry was in the same year as her he was a very good teacher. Lavender learned how to perfect certain spells under his guidance and she felt like she was becoming a better witch because of him. She enjoyed the classes and when Umbridge had blasted down the wall to the room of requirement and everyone scrambled to get away Lavender ran towards the Divination tower even though it was pretty for from where the room of requirement was located she hoped that it would be somewhere she couldn’t be found. She made it to the tower where she pretended to talk to Trelawney as if she wanted to have a reading when in reality she was thinking of where everyone else was, but she was thinking more of Parvati and how she was doing. After about a few minutes with Trelawney she walked back to her dorm where she luckily never ran into Umbridge or her squad of flunkies. When she arrived in her dorm Parvati was already there, but Hermione wasn’t there which worried Lavender a bit. The next day when the daily prophet was released Lavender was shocked, not to find out that Voldemort was really alive, but at the fact Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley, Nevillelong Bottom, Ron Weasley, Luna Loovegood, and Hermione Granger went to the ministry to fight him. Lavender grew a new respect to each of them and even grew a bit of an attraction for Ron that she decided she wouldn’t show off till next year. When she left Hogwarts this time though her thoughts were concentrating on if her mother would even let her stay at Hogwarts now that Voldemort was back, but hopefully she would be able to convince her mother.

Year six came and even though everyone was scared of the return of Voldemort nothing really happened during her sixth year that could be called eventful. During the first few weeks Lavender started going out with Ron Weasley and almost every time they met they would be snogging in an empty classroom and a few times they were interrupted by someone. Eventually the two broke up after Ron got poisoned and ended up in the hospital wing where he was always sleeping when Lavender came to visit. Lavender even went to Harry for some help, but he didn’t help at all and when they did break up she was angry and sad that he never paid attention to him. Lavender went through the rest of year pretty sad and depressed with the only comfort from her friends who always had a shoulder she could cry on.

Eventually Lavender got over Ron and went through the rest of the year trying to avoid him, which was somewhat hard since they shared some classes together, but she would just ignore him in those classes. Near the end of the year apparently while most people were asleep a battle raged inside the school where rumors went about that Death Eaters had invaded the castle. Lavender was one of the few who actually didn’t believe this until she saw the dead body of their Headmaster. When the funeral came Lavender was bawling not only for the death of their beloved headmaster, but for the fact she knew she wouldn’t be able to return to Hogwarts now since her mother didn’t want her there where even the teachers are in mortal danger. When Lavender got aboard the train she said her good-bye to all her friends hoping she would see them again someday. During the summer Lavender got her wish as the ministry forced students to go to Hogwarts of course Lavender didn’t support the new ministry since they started hunting down muggleborns as if they were a disease that had to be destroyed.

Lavender finally entered her seventh year in Hogwarts and she was in total shock at how things were run in this school. The most hated professor in the school was named the Headmaster and the two new teachers, Alecto and Amycus, were horrible. The way the two classes were taught was outrageous to Lavender. Muggle Studies seemed to base around the idea that all muggles were primitive to wizards and witches and that everything they do is to harm the wizarding community. Defense against the dark arts was more like the students were learning dark arts then defending against it and Lavender couldn’t feel more disappointed than she ever felt, she even took up to protesting to how the class was being taught to only end up getting detention where she was cursed by other students. These teachers apparently weren’t above using force to discipline students and using the unforgivable curses was something they did very often. Many students, mostly from Gryffindor, ended up in their detention class very often where they were tortured by other students, mostly Slytherins, who were forced to torture them.

After the days became months and the scars seemed to never heal the revolution against the Carrows started. Harry Potter had returned and it seemed it was time to overthrow the rules of the death eaters, but no that was not the case it was time for war as the school would now have to face Voldemort and all his minions. Lavender like many other seventh years fought with all their might never letting down anyone those who relied on them to keep their school safe, but as time went by the matches seemed to get longer and eventually Lavender herself fell in battle to the werewolf Greyback. She didn’t die luckily, but she did suffer from lots of deep wounds that became scars. She was knocked out during the rest of the war as she lay asleep in the great hall, but when she awoke and heard the news that they had won the war she was thrilled. She had helped out and survived to live another day she couldn’t wait to now live in a world without the pain and suffering that came from the monster named Voldemort. She eventually found herself working for the ministry and after many years of hard work she became the head of the magical games and sports division.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Lavender is a slim young woman with attractive curves in the right places. Somewhat dainty, she has an aura that can scream super girly. Her arms and legs although long are very thin, almost lanky, making her look taller than she really is. She has gentle eyes that have been said to charm people, but she doesn’t believe this. Her hair, a brilliant shade of blonde, is often styled in curls with a bow. Lavender is a silly girl so she does fuss with makeup a bit, often choosing crimson to match her house colors; she tends to use only a few things such as lipstick, blush, mascara, and eyeliner. After the battle of Hogwarts Lavender had developed a few scars after being mauled by Fenrir Greyback. Most of her scars are covered by her clothes, but the most noticeable is one on her left hand that swerves up to her wrist. Her biggest scar is the one on her back that seems to be very deep if she hadn’t been healed in time she might have died from blood loss, but she was able to survive luckily.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Lavender is an open young woman, she will speak her mind even if it is not asked for. She is independent and is willing to work alone if need be, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like to be with a group of friends. A very silly girl she tends to partake in gossip, spreading rumors about other people or listening to rumors that she hasn’t heard. Although if the rumor is too outrageous she will not believe a single word of it and probably just brush it off with a sigh or slight giggle.

She is a very flirtatious girl, tending to set her mind on celebrities or very hunky men. She isn’t the most successful in relationships - apparently guys will avoid her very girly personality once it starts to embarrasses them. Should they break up with her she can sometimes go into massive mood swings by yelling at the top of her lungs or crying her eyes out. When she does get into one of those state of mind she will often run to her closest friends for comfort. After a few months Lavender will treat the man like any other student pretending they never went out leaving awkward silences or stares between the two.

Around her friends she is very social and will talk till her mouth falls off and they usually listen, though of course Lavender is also a very good listener so she will return their favor when they have a speech or rant to make to her. Lavender is also very helpful trying to help her friends in homework or essays whenever she can although sometimes they tend to do better without her help. She will not take no for an answer so she will do whatever she can to help out other students around the school, except the Slytherins, which can sometimes annoy people as she may end up doing more harm than good.

After the battle of Hogwarts her personality changed slightly. She started to flirt less and become less girly she wanted to be better accepted for being a kind girl who protects her friends. She fought for her friends during the battle and because of it she had her own little revelation to become a better person, but of course that is not easy she still does revert to her old self every now and then. She is trying to be a much more mature woman for the new world of piece they would be living in since Voldemort has been defeated.

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